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The UFO/UAP Phenomenon

We don't know what the Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena are, but even our intelligence committees are denied answers.

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E.T. Facts

Encounter Facts:

  1. Washington D.C., 1952
  2. Rendelsham Forest, 1980
  3. Ariel School, 1994
  4. Varginha Brazil Encounter, 1996
  5. Nimitz Encounter, 2004

MUFON attendees--I will remove my email and phone after the symposium, but please feel free to keep my info and reach out to me:
Phone: 916-548-5086

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Listen to solo tracks and the band, The Unexpected.

Kevin & The Unexpected ยท JUST LIKE A CAT - Harville - The Unexpected

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Creative Writing

Creative Writing

Challenger One Sci-Fi

Challenger One: Stranded follows five children journeying home from the far end of a wormhole. The tone is light-hearted yet deals with serious issues as they struggle to survive the trip.

A spin-off story, Welcome to the Hive, takes a more serious tone.

Waiting for Destiny

Through the days, I waited for Destiny
Lovers loved, raised children beloved
But, feeling fated for greater things, I
Waited for Destiny.
Suns rose, shone, and set as ordained
Endless taunting moons waxed, beamed, and waned
Gale winds swept me far from satisfaction
Awaiting the trumpeted call to action.

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Fun & Games

Fun & Games

Shhh! Don't tell anyone, but Kevin had a good time with Mona Lisa


Eddie gets a ticket parking in the Twilight Zone


The robot is winning! Only you can stop it!

Box O'Cats

We sold copies of Box O' Cats on Amazon and in game stores and are considering a re-release. Reach out for more info.

And last, and least, here's where we share the funny cat videos we find...



Consider starting your own Get $#!+ Done chapter! In GSD we help each other fulfill dreams. It was co-founded by Kevin and members of a philosophy group..

Many GSD-inspired, independent, projects are well underway such as
Welkin Farms and Missing Trees

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Growth as a Society

The Human Race has made phenomenal progress. In upcoming explorations we will discuss how we can go further.

Bridging the Gap

In this diverse world, more people disagree with us than agree with us.

The bias that we more ethical leads to silencing diversity.

Let's develop a humble climate of true respect for the hundreds of millions in America, and the billions in the world, who have differing values. The answer is freedom of values for all. Otherwise culture wars will never end.

About Kevin Harville

Kevin Harville

Kevin Harville is passionate about exploring diverse interests from music to writing, fun & games, futurism, and personal growth. His work delves into the depths of these areas, bridging gaps and exploring the unknown.