Why the Anger?

I think most social issues today are over-emotional. You mean you are getting ANGRY that two brothers can’t marry? You mean you are getting ANGRY that a health plan doesn’t include contraception for men to protect them from unplanned child support? You mean you are getting ANGRY that someone wants to save the “life” of the unborn or are getting ANGRY someone doesn’t consider 3000 cells a human life?

Most issues aren’t worth getting angry over, simply doing something about in cooperation with those who disagree.

It was clear women deserved equality, and Blacks deserved equality. It is not clear that two brothers or best friends, though equal, should be able to marry for benefits while one raises their children, or that condoms should be a medical expense. These things are simply policy matters that people blow into “social issues”, particularly when they can LABEL some of the parties as victims.

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