Two Sides – Same Coin

Incest and Rape are two good reasons for Abortion. However, from the Right’s point of view this is a life, regardless of how it came about. So their position is quite consistent–we just don’t agree. We must at least respect the position that a human life-process has started as a reasonable position. Abortion is in fact terminating a biological life that started the moment of conception…it is simply a question of how valuable that life is as it develops, an interesting conundrum. I find two positions ridiculous: 1) that a conception is a human life with rights, and 2) that a later term fetus has no human rights. Fortunately few abortions are late term, and early-term abortion is legal.

We are so inconsistent in our reasoning–liberal or conservative–because we insist on seeing only one side.Liberal Conservative Two Sides of a Coin

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