My Political Philosophy

Liberals call me conservative….Conservatives call me liberal. I am mostly liberal, but believe that the best political philosophy is an integrated philosophy:

I believe all persons should be rewarded for their economic contributions, not only the owner/investors, and not simply the workers. I believe there are many progressive forms of capitalism that reward actual value rather than financial games.

I believe in opportunity to education, such as work-through-college programs that would ensure that anyone could fulfill their career dreams.

Self-protection is a fundamental human right, but the 2nd Amendment neither intended nor granted a free-for all.

Anyone has a right to do anything that does not significantly affect others, but demanding approval or facilitation is not a right. Birth control is a right. Making a certain party provide easily obtainable contraceptives is not.

I support the right to early-term abortion, but do not consider federal funding a right. An early term abortion cannot be equated with murder, but a late term abortion (of which there are very few) is not simply killing a tissue, but is destroying an emerging human life, making every case unique. As a later-term abortion decision affects the child’s father and his emerging child, saying a late-term abortion is simply “a woman’s choice” because of the physical location of the child is not substantiated.

All persons deserve human rights regardless of sexual preference. However, marriage is not a policy that is “denied gays”. It is a policy addressing that human nature makes the needs and consequences of a man and woman the same in possibly continuing the human race, whether they like it or not. It is not “simply a contract”. It is not a religious institution. It is an institution whose meaning was crystal clear in every culture known to man any time a child was conceived. Any gay marriage arguments make marriage merely a civil contract that applies to any two or more persons, thus negating the original and meaningful justification for marriage–the fact there are two mating sexes.

Americans were promised wealth would trickle down, alone justifying some form of guaranteed health care and improving financial condition for all workers.

I believe in welfare, but would replace it with workfare. I believe in disability programs but would replace them with ability programs.

So really, most my opinions are neither left nor right, but an integration of the two. We need to think about the issues beyond the left-right sound bites.

Be Valuable

Like many people, I’ve spent a fair amount of time pondering what really makes life work.  Such things as the Golden Rule are universal.  Beyond that I find meaning and purpose by following this mantra: BE VALUABLE

Do you want good relationships? Be a valuable friend and community member.
Do you want a great mate? Be a valuable mate and potential life partner.
Do you want money? Provide a lot of value. Sow, and reap appropriately.
Do you want to change the world? Be valuable.
Do you want a life of meaning and purpose? Be valuable.
Do you want to be a leader? Be valuable to your potential followers.

I also have a philosophy of true Value Economics. Value Economics means we ensure people have opportunity to sow and people reap appropriately. Wealth is great–as long as it is obtained by providing value and not simply by looting, using people as expendable tools, reaping by making others sow, manipulating people into servitude and debt, and hiding the truth. A truly justified economy is one that focuses first on QUALITY, NOT QUANTITY.

When people find a sustainable way to provide value by merging their passions with the world needs, there is value. This may be business, charity, or avocation. In all parts of our life, quality can be found by providing value.

Life is empty thinking only of ourselves. A pen alone has no meaning. It is the paper that gives the pen meaning.  It is in providing value that we find meaning.